The Innovation sandbox, a catalist for a start-up culture

A sandbox is a safe place where kids can play, feel free to explore, take risks and be creative. It is also the virtual space where IT developers test new products and experiment without affecting the normal running of the program. This is exactly how the Innovation Sandbox works. The Innovation Sandbox has the following …

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Report from All4Pack Paris, November 2018

Recently I went to the All4Pack packaging fair in Paris: I enclose a presentation where I summarized the ideas I found most interesting. For an exchange of ideas, for other details or feasibility studies, do not hesitate to contact me.

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A new approach to accelerate the growth of high potential Key Talents

What happens when a position of medium responsibility is freed in a company: the company often decides to cover it with an external candidate, because internal candidates of high potential are not considered ready for this jump in the managerial world. Technically they would also be close to the target, but they lack part of …

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